Redline Communications: Striking Oil With PR

To say 2010 was a challenging year for Redline Communications is an understatement. The publicly traded Canadian wireless broadband solutions provider reported a multi-million dollar loss for the year, and trading of its stock was halted for eight months. Despite the fact the company continued to produce significant technology innovations, virtually all the reported news about the company focused on its financial challenges. Fast forward to 2012: in just two years the company completed a stunning turnaround putting Redline firmly in the black. Yet even with its recent successes, Redline was generating virtually no news, and search engine results continued to show the history of its financial troubles. Redline looked to PR to help tell its reinvigorated corporate communications story and strengthen its position within its primary vertical market: oil and gas. To get its reputation back on track, Redline turned to Audienci (Mobility Public Relations), its first ever PR agency relationship.

Immediately Audienci jumped on the corporate communications storyline, using the company’s annual earnings report to announce the completion of its turnaround and the advent of becoming profitable for the first time since the company was founded in 1998. Redline’s turnaround was summarized in an extremely positive profile of the company that appeared in the Financial Post, the front page of the business section of National Post, one of Canada’s two national newspapers, as well as in print and online in newspapers in every metro market throughout Canada. An aggressive product and customer-win based campaign targeted oil and gas verticals worldwide, resulting in substantial feature coverage.

Audienci finished 2012 with important earned media results: 130,000 mentions of Redline from the company’s 23 press releases, 140 published articles with more than 50 percent appearing in its top-tier publications, and winning several major industry awards, including CEO of the year. Redline had significant penetration within its list of 90 top-tier targeted publications, the majority of which wrote about Redline for the first time ever.

Contributed article written by Audienci and placed in Forbes
Cover story of "digital oilfield" special edition in key energy vertical publication
Highly flattering profile in Canada's most read business news
Award-winning PR results for corporate relaunch year