Keep CALM and Use Public Relations

The Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act was signed into law in December 2012 requiring all U.S. video service providers (e.g., broadcasters, cable operators, satellite companies, telecoms) to ensure TV commercials are no louder than the programming they accompany. Video Service Providers (VSPs) have two years to come into compliance with the act or face fines for each loud ad reported. For VSPs, the threat of fines is daunting due to the thousands of ads that each of them run every hour. Already a leader in the video test and measurement space, the challenge for Tektronix was to quickly stand out amongst many larger and better known competitors in order to win deals with the largest U.S. cable operators.

Unlike competitors that merely issued releases on their CALM products, the Audienci Group (Mobility Public Relations) sought to establish Tektronix as a thought leader on the CALM Act. Audienci immediately sought out opportunities for company executives to serve as CALM Act subject matter experts. The thought leadership campaign focused on contributed articles, cable industry speaking engagements and industry commentary. Tektronix executives became sought after to discuss the finer points about the CALM Act and to review what was required for VSPs to come into compliance. In addition to thought leadership, Audienci also promoted the company’s CALM Act solutions. Audienci focused on securing coverage that tied product features directly with CALM Act requirements. This long-term media relations campaign generated a consistent level of coverage over the course of two years.

Audienci secured Tektronix more CALM Act-related coverage in cable industry media than any of its competitors. At Cable-Tec Expo – the premiere North American cable industry event – Tektronix presented on the CALM Act’s requirements for cable operators in a highly sought-after speaking engagement. Tektronix enjoyed a consistent level of coverage over multiple years, and the company remained a primary CALM Act thought-leader. All the while, Tektronix CALM Act solutions were making product headlines and winning coveted industry technology awards.

By being out front of the CALM news, Tektronix secured many featured articles in key industry publications
As part of this campaign, Audienci authored and placed several contributed articles
Audienci applied for and won several significant industry awards for this product
Audienci won awards for its work on Tektronix